A Day in Lviv, Vegan Trekker Travel Guide

If you are travelling to Ukraine, take your time to spend a day in Lviv. It is 5 hours by train from Kyiv and about 4 to 5 hours drive from Krakow in Poland. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. Narrow streets, pavement, cosy café on every corner, the smell of chocolate and vanilla caramel, street musicians singing on the guitar… You are surely imbued with the atmosphere of the fairy-tale city of Lviv.

Travellers from all over the world have visited Lviv for many years. Certainly, it seems that in the city of Lion, every house, quarter and lane is deeply rooted in history. The city has kept the memory of what happened many centuries ago. Surely, this creates a unique charm, and unique experience if you are spending a day in Lviv.

National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet

A day in Lviv opera theatre

The best way to start the journey through Lviv is from Svoboda avenue. Here you can see the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Solomiya Krushelnytska. Lviv Opera House is an architectural pearl of the city in neo-Renaissance style (1901). Above all, one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe.

Plosha Rynok (Market Square or Rynok Square)

It is the centre of the political, social, cultural and commercial life of the city for 500 years. In fact, its most remarkable landmark –  Rynok Square dates back to thirteenth century. The square is one of the outcomes of the Renaissance bloom. You can say it is a colourful example of medieval architecture. Furthermore, the best domestic and foreign architects came together to build this in the centre of Lviv.

A day in Lviv, street centre-small

A day in Lviv street-small

I recommend you to draw your attention to the Town Hall Tower. It is sixty-five metres tall. In other words, it is the tallest tower in Ukraine! For a breathtaking experience, climb the tower and you will see the old city Lviv in its full glory.

A day in Lviv view from town hall tower-small

Plosha Rynok 6

A day in Lviv Italian Courtyard-small

It is separated from the bustling streets of Plosha Rynok.  Here you can take a stroll along the Italian courtyard. A small but spacious summer terrace will let you feel exactly in the heart of Italy. You can also drink aromatic coffee in the centre of the yard. If you are food and coffee enthusiast then check out other unique restaurants in Lviv.

In the summertime, the Italian Courtyard hosts chamber music evenings. The Italian courtyard is an extremely valuable Renaissance monument of 1580. It is the palace of the richest merchant in the history of the city – Konstantin Kornyakt.

Armayanskaya Ulitsa (Armenian Street)

Armenian community is one of the oldest communities in Lviv. This street reflects the centre of Armenian life. The carries the name of the community and it is well in the centre of Lviv. Here you might even forget that you are spending a day in Lviv.

Park High Castle

It is an old and shady park on a hill that rises above the city with the ruins of an ancient castle and observation deck that overlooks breathtaking landscapes. This has been also featured in 18 Bizarre Things to Do in Lviv, Ukraine.

The Church of the Saints Olga and Elizabeth

It was built in the style of Neo-Gothic in memory of Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria. The interior of the temple is simple and concise: white walls, partially dark red decoration and stained glasses. There is access to the observation deck from the Church of the Holy Olga and Elizabeth. Climb up to see the panoramic view of the city.

If you are in Lviv and have more days to spend, I suggest you rent a car and check out the Carpathians or Castles in western Ukraine.


The city of Lion is a fascinating place and if you have come here at least once, then you definitely want to come back to spend a day in Lviv! Did you find this article informative? Share your comments, tips and questions in the comments below. In addition, read my similar guide on Kyiv and Odessa. Looking for vegan food in Ukraine? Find my series on Food and Travel in Ukraine here.