Top Four Things To Do In Ukrainian Carpathians

Do you ask for something better than mountains? Then the answer is mountains! I am lucky to be born in Ukraine because I can find myself in the incredible Carpathians in just a few hours.

Many tourists come to the Ukrainian Carpathians mainly in winter for a skiing trip. However, believe me, the Carpathians are beautiful at any time of the year. You will find centuries-old Christmas trees and pines, clean mountain rivers and waterfalls, and mountains, and mountains everywhere..

If I may suggest you as a local, I would suggest visiting the Ukrainian Carpathians in the fall. Come here and just plunge into this atmosphere of Hutsulshchyna (Hutsul Land National Park), its rich folklore, and even mysticism. This is the place where many legends and myths were born. This is the place where molphars (healers) are still living in the mountains who claim to be able to speak with nature.

Where to Stay in the Ukrainian Carpathians?”

One of the most popular places to stay in the Carpathians is the resort town of Bukovel. Infrastructure is actively developing and Bukovel is gaining international attention over the past 10 years.

Bukovel is no doubt the most popular ski resort in Ukraine. You can find hotels with any budget. Some people also like staying in local apartments in the neighbouring Bukovel villages of Mykulychyn, Yablunitsa, and Tatariv. Personally, I like to stay at Bukovel itself.

In my last trip to Bukovel, I stayed in the Hotel Gribova Hata ( the House of The Mushroom). The interior of the hotel was amazing. This is where you will find the true authentic Ukrainian atmosphere. It was truly very cosy and traditional. Staff at the hotel greeted us in the national costume of Ukraine. You will also find many traditional dishes of Ukraine in the hotel restaurant.

There are a lot of things to do in the Carpathians. Besides skiing, you can do rafting, bungee jumping, drive off-roads in the valley, hike in the forest, pick up mushrooms and seasonal berries. If you are into mountain hiking, you should visit Mount Hoverla. It is the highest point above sea level in Ukraine.

Experience the Chans Bathing in Open Air

There is so much to do in Bukovel that it is normal to find yourself tired at the end of the day. But do not worry! You will find many unusual but interesting procedure-baths in the Chans. Are you wondering what that is? Imagine a large wide wooden barrel with a diameter of almost two meters. This pours out about one and a half tons of spring water.

The water in the Chan is heated for five hours with a special wood-burning boiler. In addition, the water contains aromatic herbs. The most relaxing part comes now! Your task is to get hot in this water. You need to stay in this water up until you get so hot that you’re ready to jump into another barrel, but the barrel with ice water. Such a change in temperature tones the body, rejuvenates good mood, and of course, improves health. During breaks between baths, you can enjoy with tea brewed from herbs from the mountains. By the way, bathing in the Chans is carried out in the open air, regardless of the season!!

All the way up to the top

Bukovel lift in the winter
Bukovel lift in the winter. Image by Антон Алексеенко [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you are skiing or not, be sure to get on the lift to the slope to see catch the breathtaking panoramic view. It’s unforgettable! In addition, if you walk along the slopes, you will see Mount Hoverla and Mount Khomyak. If you are lucky, you will hear the sound of trembita. It is the longest wind instrument in the world. Its length can be up to 8 m (or 26 feet). Inhabitants in the ancient times used this instrument to communicate from one village to another in the mountains. 

Experience the longest Zipline in Ukraine

If you like extreme sports, I advise you to go down the slope on the longest zipline in Ukraine. This zipline is 1130 m long and finds its place in Europe’s top ten longest ziplines. It will take you only 100 seconds to cover that distance. You will feel like a bird!

Cascading Waterfalls

About 40 km north of Bukovel you will find yourself in the city of Yaremche. Yaremche is the home to the cascading waterfall (Probiy Waterfall) on the Prut River in the Ukrainian Carpathians. You can watch it for hours and still not get used to the beauty of the powerful streams of cutting through the rocks. Believe me, this was not my first time visiting this waterfalls. I was impressed every time I came here!

If you are visiting Ukraine soon, definitely check out our guide to things to do in Ukrainian cities of Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa compiled by the locals. You might need a Ukrainian tourist visa to enter Ukraine. You may or may not need a Tourist Voucher in order to get Ukrainian Tourist visa.

Welcome to Ukraine. It is wonderful!

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