A day in Odessa, Ukraine – Vegan Trekker Travel Guide

Odessa is a city full of warmth, interesting locations and aroma of the sea. It combines a bustling market with exquisite avenues. Follow me as I spend a day in Odessa, Ukraine.

Potemkin Steps

Let’s start our day in Odessa from the Potemkin Steps. It is one of the most recognizable monuments in the city. They were built in mid-19th century. As the legend says, they represent the grand love of Prince Vorontsov to his wife Elizabeth. The prince ordered to build a monument as a gift to her beloved. Potemkin Steps have 192 steps and are among the most beautiful attractions in the entire Europe. 

When you climb the stairs, you get to the Seaside Boulevard, which offers a wonderful panorama of the sea terminal. Here you can see the famous monument to Duke de Richelieu. He emigrated from France and became the first mayor of Odessa. Despite being from France, he contributed a lot to the prosperity of the city.

Opera Theatre

Odessa Opera Theatre

One of the most popular attractions in Odessa is the Opera theatre. Certainly, it is Odessa’s most beautiful buildings in my opinion. In fact, Opera theatre is the oldest opera house in Ukraine and dates back to the 19th century. If you feel this building reminds me of Viennese Baroque, then you are not wrong. Opera theatre did take some inspiration from there. The exterior of the building is very beautiful; that makes it difficult to imagine how beautiful the interiors would be! From Inside, it’s just unreal, it is impossible to pick up the words and describe what you see. The opera house is constructed in a way that you can hear the whisper form any corner of the stage.

Hrets’ka Street

Following the path from Opera theatre to the Taras Shevchenko’s park, you will pass through Grecka street. This is where you can find my favourite coffee spot – Tishina (Silence Espresso Bar). It embraces every visitor with delicious vegetarian dishes and amazing coffee.

tishina day in odessa vegetarian food
Tishina (Silence Espress Bar) Source: facebook.com/silence.espressobar/

On your way to the seafront, you can stop for another cup of coffee in White Whale Coffee. It is fashionable, hipster, interesting and distinctive place. The coffee house is located in a two-story building. The idea of this coffee house is very minimalistic. It is a popular spot. Consequently, you always have the opportunity to get to know someone, find friends or like-minded people. The atmosphere is cozy. This is where you would like to relax and plan rest of your day in Odessa or talk with your friend.

Deribasovskaya Street

deribasovskaya street odessa
Café Kompot – flickr/eugene-r

If you were in Odessa and did not go to Deribasovskaya street, then you have not been to Odessa. Certainly, Odessa starts from this street. After all, Deribasovskaya is not only the central street of the city, it is the soul. This is my favourite part of the city for evening walks. I can even spend my entire day in Odessa here. When you are hungry, I suggest you one of my favourite places to grab a bite – cafe “Kompot” on Deribasovskaya. Where you can find Cottage cheese with Spinach and mushrooms (vegetarian), pancakes with cottage cheese (vegetarian) and no shocker – vareniki! Furthermore, as the name suggests, this is the best place to try Kompot! Kompot is a traditional Slavic drink made with fruits grown in the garden.

Ekaterininskaya Square

One of the most beautiful places in the city is Ekaterininskaya (Catherine) Square. Above all, it hosts a monument dedicated to the founders of Odessa. The square is called Ekaterininskaya, because it is laid on the foundation of the city, the Military Church of St. Catherine, the temple of the heavenly patron of the future Empress. However, after the death of the Empress in November 1796, Paul I terminated the construction of the church.

Odessa is a city where air is full of humour. Furthermore, you will find very hospitable and polite people here. This city is home to various palaces, monuments, theatres and even attractions with no comparison in the world. In addition, of course, the sea is here. It is safe to say that I cannot resist the magnetic lure of the city after just spending a day in Odessa. Finally, Follow me as I explore Ukraine and Ukraine’s authentic vegetarian and vegan cuisines. Write your comments, suggestions and questions in the comments below.