How to Reach Moscow Centre from Moscow Airport

After an easy immigration check on arrival at Sheremetyevo, you must be asking what is the best way to go to Moscow Centre from Moscow Airport. Moscow has mainly three airports: Sheremetyevo in the north, Vnukovo in the South West and Domodedovo in the South. All the airports are very well connected to the city. You can reach Moscow centre from Moscow Airport or vice versa very easily.

Sheremetyevo to Moscow Centre

If you are coming from a western country there are high chances you are landing at Sheremetyevo. You can use Taxi, Car Rentals or the Aeroexpress that can take you straight to the city centre.


Yandex.Taxi is the official provider of Taxi service at the airport. Yandex is the Russian equivalent of Google. Products of both companies are a bit similar. Yandex has a version for Gmail, Google Wallet and also has a popular search engine in Russia. However, Yandex went one step ahead and launched an Uber-like service in major Russian cities. This service became so popular that later Uber’s Russian operations merged with Yandex.Taxi. You can, however, still, use the Uber app in the city. Get your first Uber ride for free. One of the most significant difference between Yandex.Taxi and Uber is that you can choose to pay the driver by cash in Yandex.Taxi. You can download the Yandex.Taxi app here (get 30% off on your first three rides if you use my link). You can also find an approximate rate list on the official airport website for an idea of how much it costs by Yandex.Taxi to reach Moscow centre from Moscow Airport.

Car Rental

If you do not want to hire a taxi but drive yourself you can head to the car rentals. Sheremetyevo has all major car rental providers. You can find the list of available car rental providers on the airport’s official website.


I used Aeroexpress, which is also my favourite way to travel to Moscow centre from Moscow Airport. It is a super fast and cost-effective city to airport link. Trains depart from Sheremetyevo every 30 minutes and arrive within 35 to 40 minutes at Belorusskiy Vokzal, which is one of the railway stations for national and international trains in the centre of Moscow.

Tip 1: If possible, buy the ticket in advance online and you can save 80 RUB. A single trip in standard class costs 500RUB if bought at the station. It will cost 420RUB if bought online.

Tip 2: If you are unable to find a hotel near red square or other major attractions in Moscow, then I would suggest getting a hotel near Belorusskiy-Vokzal. It is still in the centre of the city. Conveniently located on the ring line of Metro. And it is close to the Airport line. You will save some money. Find a hotel near Belorusskiy Vokzal (Station) below:

Tip 3: If you have already booked a hotel and it is far from Belorusskiy Vokzal, I suggest to take Yandex.Taxi or Uber straight from the airport. Because these app-based taxi services can cost more within central Moscow. If you are wondering what I am talking about then check out my article on the Golden Ring Hotel. I used both options from the Airport. Aeroexpress + Uber (Yandex.Taxi) and Uber straight from the hotel. Though Aeroexpress is cheaper I chose the Uber option second time as it is more comfortable especially if it is your first time in Moscow.

The train is very beautiful, comfortable and fast. The service is on par with any other air link in major cities around the world. There is storage to store your luggage and each compartment also has coat hangers. There is not a lot to view outside of the window. The view was indeed very calm with mostly tall and green grasses, certainly, it was summer. In fact, Russians call it Bab’e Leto or Indian summer. I am sure in winter it would be endless snow laden white land. I will find that out this December on my next trip to Russia.

On reaching Belorusskiy Vokzal, if you do not have a lot of luggage, you can simply walk to your hotel. Otherwise, you can hire an Uber or Yandex.Taxi. Since you are already in the city centre it would not cost a lot to go to the hotel.

Domodedovo to Moscow Centre

All the transport options available at Sheremetyevo are present at Domodedovo and Vnukovo as well. Domodedovo airport is a bit farther from the Moscow centre. Therefore, a taxi ride might become costlier. However, Aeroexpress costs the same 500RUB or 420 RUB (if booked online in advance). Domodedovo airport is smaller compared to Sheremetyevo and finding the Aeroexpress train is much simpler. Trains from Domodedovo airport depart every 30 minutes and reach Pavletsky Station in 45-50 minutes.

Vnukovo to Moscow Centre

Aeroexpress station at Vnukovo is outside the arrival across the street. Train from here departs every 60 minutes and arrive at Kievsky Station in the centre of Moscow.

Apart from these, there is an option to take public buses from any airport to the nearest metro station and from there you can take the metro to the city centre. If you are visiting for the first time, I would still suggest using Aeroexpress. It is convenient and independent of road traffic.

However, don’t get me wrong! Moscow Metro is by far one of the most advanced metro systems in the world. As a bonus tip – download the Moscow metro app (Also by Yandex) on your phone. It is very useful while travelling to Moscow. Moscow metro rail network is so well developed that you often have more than one options to travel from point A to point B. Moscow metro app will tell you which is the most efficient way to travel. It will also suggest which coach to get on to minimise walking. Apart from this, you also receive any update or service messages right on your phone.

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Now that you are in the Moscow centre, may I suggest you where to eat? Odessa Mama in the centre of Moscow serves authentic Slavic vegan and vegetarian dishes. Or maybe you would like to try traditional Soviet-style dining –  Stolovaya

If you have any questions or suggestions please write in the comment section and I would love to address them!

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