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One of the oldest airlines and once the largest airline in the world, today fewer people are aware of its glory. I had a lot of choices when it came to choosing my flight to Moscow. However, when I had an opportunity to choose Aeroflot then why not? It is a truly Russian experience. A warm up before actually experiencing Moscow.

It was very emotional for me to step inside the plane. It was equally satisfying to see the comfortable seats, good leg space in economy class and well loaded in-flight entertainment system that included English and Russian movies and TV shows with English subtitles.

The good things end here! The service was average and the flight attendants were cold and appeared rude. I may attribute that to cultural differences. When I was booking the flight I could choose from several meal options that included vegetarian and Hindu Meal. I heard some stories in the past that my friend who was travelling with another European airline was served with fish under vegetarian meal as the flight considered fish to be vegetarian. So to be safe I usually order Hindu meal. It was actually very surprising to me that Aeroflot had this option. Nevertheless, when I got the food, there was a surprise! It was chicken! However, there was a catch! It was chicken in Indian curry!

Jan 2019 Update on Aeroflot Vegetarian meal and an important advise to get it all right!

It is true that Hindus do eat chicken and non-vegetarian food. However, when you are marketing a meal as Hindu meal I do not think it works that way. I ordered Hindu meal in Virgin Atlantic on my flight from Miami to London and they served a great vegetarian meal. It may be a mistake by Aeroflot and it needs to be revised.

I corrected the flight attendant about my meal preference and I was served with greens for the next meal. Unfortunately, I could taste sand and it completely ruined the taste. I continued eating the other things I got with my meal, which was one round bread with butter and cheese, fruit salad, an apple pie as dessert and tea or coffee. They also serve ice cream and alcohol between the two meals. I forgot to take a picture of my meal on that flight so below is the picture I took when I was on the returning flight with chicken included.

Aeroflot meal

If Aeroflot is the by far the cheapest option available to you, which in my case it was or if it is emotional for you to travel by this airline then you may consider flying with Aeroflot, otherwise feel free to look at other options. Personally, I will again choose Aeroflot because it is the cheapest option for me to travel to Russia. Next time, I will try choosing Vegetarian meal instead of Hindu meal maybe that is the real vegetarian meal.

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I would love to hear your comments about your experience with Aeroflot in the comment section below.

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