Bali Travel Tips: Useful Tips When Visiting Bali

There are so many things I wish I knew before arriving to Bali, raging from the most basic ones to most unexpecting ones. Here are some useful Bali Travel Tips:


You can find this useful mainly if you live far away from Bali, Indonesia or if you are traveling with children. Look for a flight with longer stopover in another country, so you do not have to sit on the plane for 20 hours. Visit a city, take a rest, do whatever you want to. It is a great opportunity to visit new places for less money.


There are so many different options for transfer in Bali. Most popular is definitely scooter, which you can rent for 50,000 Rp (around $4) in the streets or in your hotel. But what if you cannot ride a scooter or you have a luggage? You can use famous apps like Grab, GO-JEK or taxi service. Grab and GO-JEK work on the similar algorithm. You have to download the app and then set the location where you want to go. The driver will pick you up at your current location and you either pay him by cash or by card. These apps also provide the food delivery. The best thing about the Grab and GOJEK are the prices. When I try to compare it with taxi, I always remember our arrival.

We did not know about these apps in Bali, so we were happy when a taxi driver came to us at the airport and took us to the hotel. However, we paid 250,000 Rp (around $20). On our way back, we used Grab and the same route cost us 30,000 Rp (around $3). Nevertheless, to protect the job of taxi drivers, Bali rules do not allow the Grab cars to pick you up at certain locations, such as beach parking lots. You have to use a taxi instead (or you can walk further away to the main road, if you are on a budget as we were).


If you want to go to the beach, you should definitely check the water level. You can simply google the location and water level during the day. It is mostly useful for surfers, but also if you want to swim in the sea. When there is a low tide, there is a high chance that you will not be able to. The water can be lower than your knees.

Talking about the TIDES…

On some parts of the beaches, the sea stretches out far to the end of the beach, so the only way to get on the other side is through the water. Just keep in mind the changing water level. Mainly at night, when you cannot see a thing. You know, just in case you want to go on a beach party. When getting back, the water level will probably not be the same as before. So keep your phone above your head, believe me. (If my mum is reading this: Mum, this is not a personal experience, of course.)

Meet New People

If you want to experience the real vibe of Bali, you should definitely get to know some local people. Go on a trip with them, let them show you the best places in Bali. No one can guide you better in foreign country than a person who is living there.

Enjoy Your Stay

Of course, inconvenience can happen easily. Try to prevent them by always making sure that you have all your personal belongings and try to keep a positive attitude. Read my article on vegan smoothing bowls in Bali and forget any concerns about your dietary restrictions. Enjoy your stay to the fullest and make it unforgettable.